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Credit conditions

Color code: Oral examination
Written examination
Course Requirements
  • Bones of limbs
  • Joints of limbs
  • Axial skeleton
  • Skull
  • Structure and function test
Digestion Structure and function test
Respiration and blood Structure and function test
Excretion and reproduction structure and function joint oral examination
Topographical dissection of limbs Examination after the course
  • Heart
  • Structure and function test
Nervous system
  • Brain
  • Brain sections
  • Structure and function test
Senses Structure and function test
Endocrinology Structure and function test
Topographical dissection of the body Examination after the course

Oral exams

Registration form for oral exams

How to use the form?

  • The registration form is in google docs.
  • To register, sign under the date you're interested in.
  • You can sign out until 24h before the time of the exam.
  • Please don't exceed the capacity of the date.

Study materials - winter semester

All the documents on Google Docs can be downloaded by pressing the little arrow on the upper left corner of the page

Introduction to the anatomy course



Axial skeleton


Faculty materials:


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